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  • Spread some dark holiday cheer with our original Krampus soy wax melts, now available in three festive scents. Send a Merry Krampus to all those naughty ones in your life, and hope they are spared a visit from St. Nicolas' infamous dark companion. Don't settle for imitations - our "original" Krampus wax melts are the real deal. Happy Krampus!  


    Mulberry & Thyme (Red)

    Deadly Wicks offers a unique way to unwind during the busy holiday season with our mulberry and thyme-scented Krampus heads. Infused with refreshing notes of green tea and citrus, and blended with hints of musk, anise, and rosemary, these wax melts create a calming atmosphere. They are perfect for those looking to relax and take a break from the chaos of the holidays.


    Cinnamon (Green)

    Experience the warmth of the holiday season with our rich and spicy fragrance. Bursting with the sweet and aromatic notes of cinnamon, clove, bay, and cedar, it evokes feelings of comfort and joy. Whether you're snuggled up on the couch with a good book or entertaining guests, our festive fragrance will set the perfect mood. Indulge in the cozy charm of the holidays with this irresistible aroma.


    Mulled Cider Gold)

    Transport yourself into the festive mood with the warm and comforting scent of apple cider. Our aromatic blend of spices, clove, cinnamon, and star anise creates an inviting aroma perfect for the Winter season. It will fill your space with the essence of holiday cheer and make your home feel cozy and inviting. So, light up your wax warmer and let our Winter warming fragrance create an ambiance that will evoke feelings of warmth, happiness, and togetherness.


    Indulge in some self-care or gift your loved one a Krampus head wax melt box containing 10 individual melts, each weighing around 10g. These adorable wax melts come tied up with a ribbon and bell, making for a perfect festive treat. Get your hands on these high-quality wax melts and fill your surroundings with an aroma that soothes your senses. The Krampus head wax melt box is an excellent addition to your winter collection. Get yours today!



    Weight Approx 100g


    Please do not eat me - I am not edible






    Handmade in the UK

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