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  • Experience the haunting allure of Spectres Backbone! Gaze upon the spine-shaped wax melts if you dare, for they hold secrets best left undisturbed. As they slowly dissolve, the wax twists and contorts like the tendrils of a malevolent spirit, conjuring a sense of unease. The dim light dances upon their delicate ridges, casting phantom shadows that seem to whisper ancient incantations. The scent they release is a concoction of musty pages and faint whispers of long-forgotten memories, transporting you to a realm where the boundary between the living and the beyond blurs. A blend of geranium, pomegranate,  herbs, rum, and a sharp twist of lemon and grapefruit, alongside a luxurious base of black Lilly, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, and Amber combine to complete this scent. These wax melts are a testament to the uncanny, a reminder that even in the realm of the mundane, the macabre can find its way to the surface.


    Hand-poured using a blend of 100% Soy and Natural Mineral wax.

    Each box contains 3 x spines
    Approx 155g


    Please do not eat me - I am not edible

    Handmade in the UK

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