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  • "Invoke the mystical powers of the Sea Witch with this bewitching wax melt, inspired by the crashing waves and whispers of the ocean. This enchanting blend begins with a splash of coastal kale, infused with the vibrant essence of basil and sun-kissed orange, transporting you to a mystical cove where the sea meets the sky. The ozonic notes cool and refresh, like a gentle sea breeze on a summer's day, while the heart of the fragrance blooms with rose, geranium, lavender, and lily, echoing the soft lapping of the waves against the shore. The full and complex base of warm woods, sweet vanilla, amber, and hints of fresh, dry spice adds depth to the magic, conjuring the ancient secrets hidden beneath the ocean's surface. Perfect for casting spells of protection, divination, or simply connecting with the mysteries of the sea, this Sea Witch wax melt will guide you through the tides of fate."

    Available to buy in a choice of 3 sizes;

    20g, 50g, 80g


    Each snap bar has been individually hand-poured and decorated using 100% soy wax and naturally pigmented mica powder.


    Burn time - 2-3 cubes last approx 15hrs

    Please do not eat me - I am not edible

    Handmade in the UK

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