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  • Introducing our cauldron-shaped ceramic wax melt burner, a charming addition to your home decor. Inspired by the allure of witches’ potions, this burner brings a touch of whimsy to any space. Crafted with care, its cauldron design creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for enjoying delightful fragrances. Simply place your favorite wax melts inside, and watch as they melt, releasing their inviting scents into the air. Made from high-quality ceramic, this burner is both durable and stylish, adding a unique flair to your surroundings. Let this cauldron-shaped wax melt burner enhance your sensory experience, creating a warm and inviting ambiance in your home. Embrace the magic it brings and indulge in the soothing scents that fill the air.



    H - 10cm

    W - 13.5cm

    D - 10cm

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