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  • The Hermit - Cuban Tobacco & Oak is an alluring fragrant blend with a vintage and masculine scent. The aroma of Cuban tobacco is highlighted with a hint of cognac, warm spices, and woody notes of oak, ebony, and incense. The dark musks add a captivating depth to this unique and mystical fragrance. Enjoy this mysterious and inviting scent.


    Hand-poured using 100% soy wax and hand-decorated with pieces of Tigers Eye. Tiger's Eye properties are said to have the ability to absorb your fears and replace them with bravery and courage. Believed by some to bring good luck and promote harmony and equilibrium, especially to the mind. Used by ancient civilisations around the globe. Tigers Eye is also known as the  'All seeing eye' or the 'All powerful eye.'


    #9 - The Hermit

    One of the more mysterious cards in a Tarot deck is The Hermit. In an upright position, The Hermit card generally indicates that you are entering a period of soul searching, self-reflection, and spiritual enlightenment. The Hermit card reminds us of the value of time away from the chaos of today's modern life, to relax the ego and connect back with nature and yourself.


    Weight - 80g Approx

    Burn time - 2-3 cubes last approx 15hrs


    Handmade in the UK


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