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Welcome to Deadly Wicks

Nestled within and ancient woodland in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Deadly Wicks is an award winning small business born with a view to provide

luxury alternative vegan candles and wax melts. Inspired by nature, folklore, the macabre and all things spooky and dark.

Each item is individually hand-poured and decorated within our studio, surrounded by the wise old oaks and woodland creatures using only the

finest vegan & cruelty-free ingredients.

I'm Obsessed. I've been a candle lover for as long as I can remember, but Deadly Wicks has taken my love to another level!

The company's talent for creating hand-made awesomeness is unlike anything else you'll find! ​


 Not only do they have the coolest candles and wax melts in town, but lets be honest; what matters is the scent, right? And Deadly Wicks' candles are unbeatable. Their products are irresistible, delicious and unique, and their witty names of their scents fit perfectly. Case point; the 'Cupid can suck it' flavour, which smells just like a dreamy espresso martini.


For those who are cool enough to be on the receiving end, they make the best gifts around!"


Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Choice Awards



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